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Thank you WomenInPR these are definitely great unique ways to start your own PR firm!

Women Of Color In Public Relations

Setting up your own public relations, or PR, firm begins with a concise business plan to identify the services you’ll offer and the type of clients you’ll target with your marketing program. Depending on your background and previous position, you may already have contacts that could become clients. That can give you a head start in building a business from scratch. The challenge is to win those first clients and turn relationships into work that you can invoice.

Identify the range of services you can offer clients. Use any specialist experience, such as financial relations, employee relations, reputation management or crisis management, to differentiate your firm from consultancies that offer broadly based public relations services. Highlight your expertise in certain market sectors, such as information technology, government, health care or utilities, for example. A study by Hinge Marketing found that high-growth professional services firms were characterized by factors such specialization…

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Watch “Spotlight: Think Excellence, Not Difference” on YouTube

This video is about positioning your company’s services based on what you do best. credit: Morningstar Communications, Eric Morgenstern I believe he hit it right on the nail. Do you agree or have anything to add? Share your thoughts.

What to do when your client won’t listen?

As public relations specialists we are called to be the experts in the industry in which we choose to serve our clients. They pay us for our time and expertise to build their business.  But what happens when your client doesn’t agree with the knowledge you privide them to enhance their business?

You are not trying to change their business model but if a client is trying to put the buggy before the horse or debate with you on which publication the press release YOU wrote for them should featured then as the expert we are to properly and professionally inform them of the facts.  in the P.R world facts are our friends.  Numbers don’t lie.  The best way to handle that stubborn, or know it all client is to stick to the truth about the situation and topic and share your reasoning with them.

We often find ourselves in a position of being an educator to some of our clients.  This isn’t such a bad thing as it helps establish our credibility and trust.

What happens when all else fails?  My opinion: Don’t ever be afraid to walk away from a bad relationship.  We will discuss HOW to professionally walk away from a bad client relationship.

What tips do you have for dealing with a difficult client? Share with us!


this is an awesome straight forward post! The truth! Thanks womeninpr!

Women Of Color In Public Relations

Want to know when to run away from a prospective client? Here are 25 reasons:

1. We give them a good proposal with a fairly priced budget and they want to decrease the budget without decreasing the scope of work.

2. They balk at any of the terms spelled out in “The Business Side of Our Relationship”

3. They will not agree to advance payment.

4.  They want to see actual finished product before paying anything.

5. They only want to pay for results, not our time in trying to achieve those results.

6. They ask for special payment terms extending beyond our usual policy in this regard.

7. They want to “test us” before committing to a business relationship and that test involves what we do for a living and normally charge for.

8. They want us to produce spec work before deciding to hire us.

9. They want…

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Pinterest as a Social Media Strategy. Yes or No? How?

A.PR.Firm.   Has anyone benefited from using Pinterest as a marketing/social media strategy?  Let me know.  🙂

To Follow? or Not to Follow? Those are today’s questions.

Facebook friend? Twitter Follower? For small businesses looking to increase their social media contacts the ettiquette rules of the web may have them hault from hitting the “FOLLOW ME” button.

After all social network is a place….well to network? Just as you would walk into a room an introduce yourself and spark up a conversation the web shouldn’t be treated any differently. Although there are bloggers and critics who would caution you to follow people you do not know for fear of spam, being a nuisance or a salesperson.
I challenge you to throw away those wasted thoughts and get out there and network! Comment on other people’s blogs that you find interesting or don’t…and spark up the conversation! How else will you get yourself and your company noticed? Flies on the wall get SPLAT! Be a busy bee!

Let me know how you introduce yourself and/or your company to people via social media! Maybe you can find your next client!

This is excellent. Those just starting out this is very helpful!

It's The Future Marketing

I was talking to a prospect the other day about their very well designed website. I asked them how was their traffic doing on their website. They could not answer me. I asked them what pages were most visited? They did not know. I said, “Well what analytics software do you have loaded on your website?” and guess what? They said

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All About Attaining & Absorbing Clients for Small Businesses & Non-Profits Through Publicity & Social Media Strategies.

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